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Land Grant Permanent Fund

The Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF), also known as the Permanent School Fund, is one of the largest funds of its kind in the country, and every year provides over three-quarter of a billion dollars in benefits to New Mexico’s public schools, universities and other beneficiaries ($836.5 million in FY21).

Established through New Mexico’s entry into statehood in 1912, the LGPF has evolved and grown over time due to revenue from leases and royalties produced by non-renewable natural resources in New Mexico (primarily oil and gas), and income from returns on invested capital. The New Mexico State Land Office, headed by the NM Commissioner for Public Lands, oversees the collection of natural resource revenue which flows into the LGPF on a monthly basis, and is key to maintaining and growing the fund for current and future generations.

The 11-member State Investment Council and its staff are fiduciaries to the Fund, and invest the LGPF in accordance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act standard.