Permanent Funds

The Land Grant & Severance Tax Permanent Funds are founded on our state’s natural assets, including oil, natural gas, coal and other finite resources. When some day those reserves are diminished, future generations will still receive the annual benefits they provide.

State Investment Council

The 11-member SIC and its Committees are fiduciaries to one of the top sovereign wealth funds in the country, and the 30th largest in the world. The SIC strives for transparency by webcasting its monthly meetings, which are open to the public. A webcast of live and recent meetings can be accessed here.

Fund Beneficiaries

The Land Grant Permanent Fund benefits all New Mexicans by providing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding every year for public schools, universities, specialty schools and other governmental entities in New Mexico.

Investment Reports

You can review the latest SIC investment reports and Fund valuations, as well as monthly meeting materials and policy statements.

New Mexico Recovery Fund

In April 2020 the State Investment Council authorized an emergency short-term loan fund for medium-to-large size New Mexico businesses that have been especially hard hit by the COIVD-19 pandemic. Details regarding loan terms and conditions can be found under the Investments tab.