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Investment Goals

The State Investment Council’s goals dictate our investment strategy, as well as the level of risk we take in trying to achieve those goals. The Council’s current annual investment return target is 7% for the Land Grant Permanent Fund and 6.75% for the Severance Tax Permanent Fund ( as set by the Council in October, 2015), which the Council believes it can achieve through a balanced portfolio of varied investment strategies with different degrees of correlation and risk.  Achieving the current return targets allows the permanent funds to fulfill their annual distribution requirements, keep pace with inflation to maintain value over time, and account for future growth of the state and the increasing needs of its beneficiaries. The Council performs an extensive asset allocation study approximately every three years, and sets annual investment targets based upon its findings. To review the SIC’s accomplishments and goals for the previous year and the year looking ahead, please review the following memorandum, endorsed by the Council. The Council’s 2021 Investment Plan is also available for review.