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Alternative Investments

The Council uses alternative investment strategies to reduce risk, enhance returns and diversify its holdings.  These alternative, or private-market asset classes are ideal for long-term institutional investors like the SIC, seeking diversification benefits and a premium on investment returns in exchange for less liquidity.

Private Equity: the SIC invests in national and international private equity funds employing various private equity strategies including leveraged buyout, growth equity, mezzanine and venture capital focus.

Real Estate: the SIC invests in both open and closed-end real estate funds with various exposures, including core, value-add and opportunistic assets.

Non-Core Fixed Income: the SIC invests in various credit strategies, including high yield corporate bonds, structured credit bonds, secured loans and opportunistic credit funds.

Real Return: the SIC’s real return strategy is a combination of income-producing “hard” assets like infrastructure, timber and energy, combined with diversified inflation strategies like floating-rate debt and inflation-protected government bonds.   The Real Return Pool is currently not available to clients.