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New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is a student-oriented public research university specializing in science and engineering. Referred to as “New Mexico Tech” by its students, faculty, and friends, Tech is considered one of the top research institutions in the country. The Wall Street Journal recently ranked New Mexico Tech among the nation’s top 16 “hot picks” for college choices. Kiplinger’s magazine ranked New Mexico Tech 20th in nation on their list of 100 best values in public colleges in its October 2000 issue. The Carnegie Foundation ranks Tech as an “Intensive Doctoral/Research University,” one of only 112 schools across the nation with such a designation.

Students who choose New Mexico Tech are serious, career-oriented students who go on to become successful engineers, scientists, computer systems analysts, researchers, college professors, doctors, and other medical and professional personnel. Tech expects its students to work hard and take their education seriously. About 80 percent of Tech students graduate with work experience in a research environment. New Mexico Tech has an enrollment of about 2,100 students.

NMIMT is a LGPF beneficiary, and became a client of the SIO on December 1, 1992. Until October 1, 1996 all of the NMIMT assets were managed by the SIO in one client account. When the client accounts were pooled into the investment funds, the NMIMT assets were separated into four accounts: the NMIMT Employees Health Benefits Fund; the NMIMT Plant & Equipment Fund; the NMIMT Endowment Fund; and the NMIMT Research Foundation Fund. The objectives for all of these Funds are to protect them against inflation and to maximize the value of the Funds for their beneficiaries.