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New Mexico Military Institute

Founded in 1891, New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) is a state-supported, coeducational, college preparatory high school and university parallel junior college. Operated as a military boarding school, the Institute provides a quality academic curriculum with a strong character and leadership development program. This mission emphasizes the core values of honor, excellence, service, and responsibility. Annual enrollment capacity is between 950 and 1000 students.

The New Mexico Military Institute is a LGPF beneficiary, and became a SIO client on July 1, 1997 when three separate NMMI Funds were transferred to the Investment Office. These are:

  • The NMMI Scholarship Trust was created through individual donations from individuals and bequests. Earnings from the Fund are used to fund scholarships for cadets.
  • The 1989 New Mexico Legislature authorized The Gen. Richard T. Knowles Legislator Scholarship Fund. Each of New Mexico’s 112 legislators may nominate four students (high school or college) from their district to attend NMMI. One student from each district is selected by a NMMI committee to receive a Legislator Scholarship. Each award includes a state gratis scholarship award to offset the cost of tuition and fees. In addition, the Fund managed by the Investment Office (created by donations from individuals) provides supplemental funds to be applied towards room, board and other expenses.
  • The Patterson Memorial Building Fund was a bequest from a NMMI alumnus. The income from the corpus may be used for building projects.