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New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority

The New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) was created by the State Legislature in 1986 as a purchasing agency for public school districts, post-secondary educational entities and charter Schools. Through NMPSIA, member schools are afforded the opportunity to offer quality employee benefit and risk coverage. Because of the purchasing power of our large group, covering over 30,000 educational employees and their families, we are able to negotiate better premiums and better benefits than an individual school district. Also due to our size, our claims are more predictable and thus premium changes are not as erratic as they would be on a smaller group. Benefits coverage includes basic life and accidental death, dismemberment, voluntary life, long-term disability, five medical plans, a dental plan with basic and comprehensive coverage, and a vision plan. Types of risk coverage include property insurance, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, student catastrophic insurance, student-accident insurance, and boiler & machinery insurance, and underground storage tanks coverage. NMPSIA currently provides benefit and risk coverage to 88 school districts (all districts except for Albuquerque Public Schools) 40 Charter Schools and 15 educational entities.